Google Wallet Officially Comes to India

    Google has launched the app called Google Wallet, in India. This app helps Indian users to store and access important cards and tickets in one place. You can add your boarding passes, movie tickets, loyalty cards, and more to Google Wallet. With Google Wallet, you don’t need to worry about carrying physical cards or tickets. You can simply access them from your phone.

    This app provides a single, easy-to-use place to store and access your daily essentials, such as:

    • Boarding passes
    • Loyalty cards
    • Event tickets
    • Public transport tickets
    • Gift cards

    Note: Payments are not available on this app in India, as Google Pay is already available for all payment needs.

    Partnerships: Google has partnered with over 20 top brands in India, including:

    • PVR and INOX for movie and event tickets
    • Air India, Air India Express, and online travel companies for boarding passes
    • Flipkart, Dominos, and others for loyalty programs and gift cards
    • Hyderabad Metro, Kochi Metro, and others for public transport

    Additional Features:

    • Use your Android phone as your corporate badge
    • Create new passes in Wallet from images containing a barcode or QR code
    • Automatically add tickets and passes from Gmail to Google Wallet (if you have smart personalization settings turned on)


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