best video converters

Nowadays, it is very easy to access any type of content without major problems. There are many APPs that allow us to watch videos without the Internet, but very few that allow us to download them directly. In that case, there are also a wide variety of tools to download free videos without representing a risk to the computer or a window of annoying advertisements. If you are going to download free videos to your devices, it is best to do it through a reliable platform. Here you will meet the 5 best online converters today.


Snaptube is a free video converter well known to phone users, but less famous in the Windows world. If you are a phone user, don’t hesitate to try it! You’ll find it’s increably useful, and the surface is pretty, you can find all you want in the App.

Vidmate APK

There are many functions that allow precise control of video conversion, including choosing the format, advanced filtering, and frame rate adjustment, as well as presets for those who just want quick results. Its interface may take some getting used to, but the result is worth it.


This video converter handles both online and offline files, which means that if you like the look of some online videos, you can quickly and easily convert them into a format suitable for offline viewing on your mobile without having to worry about using the Internet.

Free Video Converter

Here we are faced with one of the most special alternatives, since it is a very light multi platform video converter that in this case we can convert videos from YouTube to MP4 among other formats. And this is a program more than adequate for all those who want to optimize the playback of videos on their mobile devices, hence the use of precisely the aforementioned format. Once the original is loaded, we will have the possibility to select only a part of the video for later conversion, and thus save space. It also has some customization options to define the size of the resulting project, apply some filters, modify the codec to use, in addition to adjusting the compression.


CloudConvert is established as our second online video converter that supports various formats suitable for video, audio, spreadsheet, vector, presentation, image, eBook, cad, file, and source. In addition, 218 format conversions are available. The file location can be a computer, DropBox or link, whatever and wherever the file is, it can be easily uploaded and converted. Unlike, a batch operation can be performed on multiple files and along with it, the folder monitoring function is also available. Also, an interesting fact about CloudConvert is that, updated, it has converted over 191,442,900 files over 1,554 TB.

Now you know t online tools to download free internet videos for Android, computers, IPhone or IPad. In addition, Spappe and Snaptube provide 4K, 2K, 1080p, 720p and even HD solutions, while supporting all kinds of videos (short, one-hour, two-hour videos, among others) Use it right now on your devices without problems. Start downloading the most popular videos without viruses and without ads!