Cash For Cars Hamilton: 5 Options For A Used Car

    You certainly yearn to keep your car for as many years as possible. But since they’re mechanical machines, they’re bound to wear out after some time. And once they start showing signs of slowing down, doing constant repairs can drain your account. You may indeed get too tired of it and decide to leave it in your garage. 

    But instead of letting it stay idle there, you can look into revenue generating or other bright ideas to make the most out of it. And with that, here are seven things you can do with your used car:

    1. Sell Your Car Through Reliable Used Car Companies 

    The quickest and perhaps most uncomplicated method to dispose of your broken-down car is contacting as-is buyers and cash for cars Hamilton or other similar ones. You only need to call them and provide your car details and address. They’ll come to your garage within a few hours or days, value your car, and propose a reasonable buying price. If you’re comfortable with the offer, they’ll immediately give you the cash and tow away the rundown vehicle at their expense. 

    This can be a viable option since not much input is generally required on your end. Moreover, most cash for cars firms takes your vehicle in whatever condition it is in without discrimination. They accept wrecked, scrap, damaged, broken down, used, running, grounded, or unwanted vehicles. They also buy all vehicle types, whether you have a truck, bus, recreational vehicle (RV), van, or sports utility vehicle (SUV).

    1. Sell Car Parts

    If your car is grounded, you can sell the functional parts to get money. Think about parts such as windshields, carpets, seat belts, car batteries, tires, and rims. All these are in high demand among cash for cars companies, who can use the functional components to repair vehicles or sell them to manufacturers for recycling. Some can get you good cash, especially if your car is vintage.

    Scrap metal dealers can also purchase your car, no matter its condition. This can be an excellent option to consider if your vehicle is in relatively bad shape and can’t be fixed- for instance, if it was crushed beyond recognition in an accident. 

    Junkyards generally offer lower prices than dealerships. They assess whether any of the parts are recyclable and will give you an estimate of how much you can get from them.

    1.  Rent Out Your Old Car

    Suppose your car is still in pretty good condition even after several years of use. In such a case, you can consider having it rented out to those who need cars but can’t afford new ones. For instance, you can target college students or fresh graduates looking for jobs.

    While at it, you must always ensure as much as possible that your old car isn’t just running efficiently but also looks good and presentable. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it can’t be spruced up. And so, you can have it painted and serviced regularly to increase its efficiency and to help attract potential renters.

    On the other hand, you can also have your used car rented for advertisements. All you need is to wrap it professionally with the client’s posters. Then, drive it slowly in areas with high foot traffic for all and sundry to see your ad. 

    1. Donate To Charity

    You can donate your old car for a good cause if you love charitable work. Some charity organizations accept used cars as donations, which they can resell for cash to help run their activities and operations. The used car market is booming given the cost advantages over new vehicles.

    With that, consider looking for a credible charity whose cause you support and hand over your used car to them. However, a tip to note is to confirm first whether they’re accepting used car donations. Giving out your car to a charity that doesn’t accept such contributions could only make you incur unnecessary transportation expenses.

    1. Garden Art

    If you love your used car so much that you feel selling isn’t an option, you can still strategically place it in your backyard and turn it into garden art. If you have extra space, you can place potted flowers on the back if it’s a truck. Alternatively, make it the centerpiece of a tiny hill and plant flowers around it. Since it’s a technical undertaking, you can seek the services of outdoor decorators for a more beautiful look.


    Your used car doesn’t have to rot in the garage. You can make some money from it through the tips outlined above. Make sure to fetch good money from your car, whichever option you choose. If you aren’t well versed in valuing cars, you can ask a friend or a mechanic to help you estimate your car’s worth so that dealers don’t shortchange you.


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