Extratorrents: Rise and Fall of a Torrent Giant

    When extratorrents first emerged on the filesharing scene in 2006, few predicted just how enormous its impact would be in the coming decade. But within a few years, this torrent indexing portal would grow into one of the world’s foremost hubs for peer-to-peer content discovery and downloads. Operating as a meta-search engine for torrents, extratorrents enabled users to easily find torrents across diverse categories like movies, television shows, music albums, software installers, video game releases, and electronic books.

    Rather than host torrent files itself on its servers, extratorrents aggregated links, magnet URLs and indexed torrent metadata information submitted by its community of users. This made it a centralized access point directing peers to torrents availability across the web. Members could then use separate BitTorrent clients on their devices to download the content distributed via torrent swarms seeded by other participating peers. At its height, over 132 million monthly visitors made their passage through extratorrents to reach coveted content before the site’s sudden shutdown sent shockwaves across the filesharing landscape.

    Founding and Initial Growth

    Extratorrents was founded in 2006 to fill the void left by other torrent websites that were being taken down at the time. It quickly grew in popularity thanks to its user-friendly interface, a vast selection of torrents, and active community.

    By 2010, extratorrents had established itself as one of the most visited torrent sites globally. At its peak, it attracted over 132 million visits per month, serving over 40 billion peers.

    Key Features and Offerings

    Extratorrents stood out from other torrent sites of its time thanks to some key features:

    User-Friendly InterfaceIntuitive and visually appealing interface with categories and subcategories for efficient searching and browsing.
    Extensive Content LibraryOffers an extensive, indexed database of over 1.3 million torrents across diverse content types like movies, TV shows, music, games, software, and e-books.
    Community FeaturesIncludes user comments, ratings, and forums for discerning content quality and community support.
    Magnet LinksOne of the earliest adopters of magnet links, allowing direct downloading without a separate torrent file.
    No Ads or PopupsHad no annoying ads or popups, improving the download experience.

    Impact and Usage Statistics

    Thanks to its rich content library and user-friendly interface, extratorrents witnessed immense Growth in its 11 years of operation.

    Traffic and Visitors

    As per SimilarWeb data, extratorrents was getting over 132 million visits per month before its shutdown. Alexa ranked it as the 75th most popular website globally.

    18-24 years29.4%
    25-34 years35.1%
    35-44 years21.5%
    45-54 years9.2%
    55-64 years3.1%
    65+ years1.7%
    United States19.5%
    United Kingdom5.6%

    So extratorrents found strong traction both amongst millennial users across developed countries but also emerging markets like India.

    As of 2017, it had served over 40 billion peers through torrent downloads since its inception.

    Search Traffic

    Extratorrents dominated torrent search traffic globally. As per Keyword Explorer data, it accounted for nearly 48% of all searches related to torrents worldwide.

    So, when it shut down, the impact on the filesharing landscape was expectedly significant and led to noticeable fragmentation.

    Unexpected Shutdown in 2017

    The torrent community was shocked when on May 17, 2017, extratorrents displayed a short notice announcing its permanent shutdown along with all its mirror sites.

    Reasons Behind the Shutdown

    While its owners gave no explicit reasons, the shutdown is largely attributed to mounting legal pressures over copyright infringement allegations.

    Extratorrents depended on advertising revenue and hence could not leverage technologies like Bitcoin donations used by other torrent sites to stay afloat. This made the site vulnerable when advertisers withdrew support, fearing bad publicity.

    Some technical problems like DDoS attacks and DNS issues in preceding months had also impacted site uptime, reducing ad revenues.

    The Consequences

    The sudden closure created significant disruption since extratorrents was then the 3rd most popular torrent site with no advanced notice or contingency plans.

    Impact on the Filesharing Ecosystem

    The loss of such a massive site resulted in fragmentation as users migrated to alternatives like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and 1337x. No single site could initially replace extratorrents.

    Keyword tracking indicates over 21% of extratorrents’ search traffic now flows to The Pirate Bay. RARBG and YTS have also grown considerably.

    The Community’s Reaction

    Long-term torrent users who had come to rely on extratorrents were outraged. Many vented their anger online and speculated about conspiracy theories.

    But most accepted the inevitable demise of their favorite site and reluctantly moved on to newer platforms. A few attempted resurrecting extratorrents through unofficial mirrors but with limited success.

    Ongoing Legal Battles and Controversies

    As one of the internet’s largest hubs for copyrighted content, extratorrents was mired in legal controversies and pressure during its operation.

    Lawsuits and Action Against Extratorrents

    It faced several copyright infringement lawsuits from organizations like MPAA and RIAA. The site registered multiple domain changes to evade authorities.

    In 2016, Microsoft filed a lawsuit forcing one of extratorrents’ ex web hosts to reveal customer details for illegally downloading Windows and Office software worth $2 million.

    Some ISPs had blocked user access to extratorrents. And in 2013, UK police arrested the owner of several extratorrents proxy sites on piracy charges.

    So despite extratorrents’ popularity, legal pressure was building up behind the scenes. The site risked criminal charges had it continued operations.

    Complex Ethics of Unauthorized Sharing

    The extratorrents saga reignited debates on digital piracy and copyright laws.

    Supporters viewed the site as a portal for open access to information and knowledge. But rights-holders argued it robbed creators of fair compensation.

    So, there are complex ethical arguments on both sides. While many countries have strict anti-piracy laws, poor enforcement means sites like extratorrents could thrive for years.

    Extratorrents Alternatives

    When extratorrents shut down, users migrated to other major torrent platforms. Let’s discuss the most prominent ones:

    The Pirate Bay

    Founded in 2003, The Pirate Bay is the longest-standing torrent site. It offers a vast torrent index and infamously resisted law enforcement via technical workarounds.


    RARGB is focused on verified torrents for movies, TV shows, games, and software. It has avoided legal scrutiny by operating from a .org domain.


    1337x has emerged as one of the most popular replacements for extratorrents. It provides a clean interface, vast content types, and strong verification of torrents before indexing them.

    Here’s the comparison of various torrent sites presented in a table format:

    SiteContent TypesVerificationAdsTracking
    The Pirate BayAll standard typesMinimalYesYes
    RARGBMovies, TV, software, gamesExtensiveNoNo
    1337xAll standard typesStrongYesYes
    YTSJust moviesManualYesYes

    1337x mirrors extratorrents across attributes like interface and content breadth. But TPB offers longer standing resilience though ads and trackers are drawbacks. RARBG is great for verified content.

    SiteGlobal Rank NowRank in May ’17Traffic Growth
    The Pirate Bay1703594.7X

    So while TPB has strengthened its lead, relative newcomers like 1337x and YTS have shown staggering Growth after grabbing extratorrents’ traffic.

    The Legacy of Extratorrents

    Despite its controversial nature and abrupt demise, extratorrents left an enduring impact on internet culture and the filesharing landscape.

    Fostered Online Collaboration

    Its forums and comments system enabled crowdsourced moderation. Users collaborated by flagging bad torrents and discussing troubleshooting issues.

    Such collaboration paved the way for transparent, user-governed platforms.

    Advanced Search and Indexing

    It pioneered extensive classified listings for torrents using smart search algorithms and indexing against file attributes. This improved discoverability dramatically.

    Such advances continue to influence contemporary sites.

    Mainstreaming of Torrenting

    By localizing to multiple languages early on, extratorrents played a key role in spreading torrenting across mainstream internet users beyond niche geek circles.

    Its simplicity opened the doors for wider public adoption of torrents as a sharing medium.

    The Ideals of Open Access

    Extratorrents stood for the ideals of open access to information and digital freedom. For many users, it symbolized defiance against paid content and rights-holder controls.

    So, while legally grey, it won user loyalty by enabling access restrictions-free sharing culture.


    In its 11 year history, extratorrents dominated the filesharing space through its extensive offerings, collaborative community and user-friendly interface.

    However, as is common with many pirate sites, perpetual copyright battles and legal risks finally brought its era to an end in 2017. But extratorrents left an indelible impact on internet ideals and ushered torrenting into the internet mainstream.

    The site is sorely missed by its once loyal user base. But spiritual successors continue its legacy as the internet evolves via decentralized distribution.

    So while extratorrents didn’t survive the legal onslaught, the underlying culture and ethos it championed live on through new champions. Its rise and fall will be noted as an important chapter in the story of digital freedom and online civil liberties we continue to shape.


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