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When a website reads your site’s content and finds you a highly ranked content providing platform, then it requests you to add a link to it on your website. In the same way, a website can steal or use your valid content on its own website. It will be considered an illegal action. When a website takes some content or images from your website and uploads these visuals or text as it is without mentioning you or not giving you a backlink, you can report this kind of site as spam or ask them to give a backlink. 

In other words, you can also ask some valid content producing websites to add your link. In this way, the traffic of the audience or customers can move towards your site too. They read the high domain authority website’s content and meanwhile, they can have a look at your site’s link. They click on these links and are able to reach your information easily.

Purpose of a backlink checker:

 There are a lot of free backlink checkers available on the internet. Some of them are serving free, but some of them ask you to pay for utilizing the extraordinary features. So let’s talk about the aim or goal why we are suggested to use a backlink checker:

  • It allows you to check your website for being informed about all the backlinks present on your own website.
  • You are also able to test what other websites have mentioned you or gave you a backlink. It will help to know about the quality of the website because bad or irrelevant data producing websites can also let your image down in front of search engines like Google or Bing. So, if you find the quality of the website is fine then ok otherwise you should ask the website owners to remove your backlink from their websites. 
  • The best backlink trackers will enable you to check your competitor’s website for backlinks. You can find how many backlinks the website of your competitor contains.  For this purpose, many free backlink tools are available online. 

free backlink checker

Suggested free backlink checker:

SearchEngineReports.Net: offers free tool check backlinks of your site. The user can paste the copied URL of his or her website in the given place provided by this free backlink checker. It serves you free of cost, and you will not have to pay even a single penny. You will be able to paste your competitor’s website URL in this tool to check the number of backlinks on their website too. It will provide an easier environment and a user-friendly interface. 


This tool will help you to improve the organic audience on your website. It can assist you to find the significant keywords that can attract more readers. By using this tool, you will be able to count or track the latest backlinks on your competitor’s website. You have to sign up from your account to use the free trial.


It provides the whole report regarding the backlinks you search either for your own website or for your competitor’s site. The user can feel comfortable while working with it. Category-based backlinks can be found easily by users.

Working steps or methodology applied by a good backlink counter:

Let’s talk about how a free backlink checker works. All the users are suggested to read out the features, advantages, disadvantages, or working style. Because without having all knowledge about the features of backlink tracker being used, you cannot get instant or accurate results. Let’s list up the required steps:

  • All the effort or quality of results are based on the backlink counter you choose. So the first step is to find the best free backlink tool.
  • The user will be asked to enter a particular website in the given space.
  • The user will hit the button “Check Backlinks” to start up the process of finding all the backlinks present on the pasted website. 
  • The rest of the work will be left for the free backlink checker being used. 
  • Finally, you get your results within a matter of seconds.  

Advantages of backlinks:

  • The backlinks can be proven as the best source of improving the rank of your domain or website. 
  • Good quality backlinks can help you to get a large number of readers on your site.  The traffic of customers will move towards you organically.
  • By using an efficient free backlink counter, you can create a lot of backlinks on your site quickly. 

Disadvantages of backlinks:

  • Bad quality or spam backlinks can leave a bad effect on your site. It will restrict you to get ranked highly.
  • It is not an easy task to search for good quality or high ranked websites from where you can get backlinks.