Google Pixel 7 Pro Global 5G Bands Confirmed & Benchmarked

    As Google Pixel 7 series is about to launch it’s hype is on it’s peak; everyone is discussing about pixel phones now. So recently the Google Pixel 7 Pro was benchmarked according to The 91Mobiles contributor Yogesh Brar. The results of each of Geekbench along with AnTuTu were posted on Twitter with incremental improvements to scores compared with the first-generation Tensor SoC.

    Geekbench: Single Core – 1068 Multi Core – 3149 Antutu V9 – 801116

    Following are the 5G Bands

    According to Brar that the Pixel 7 Pro’s Tensor G2 will continue to deliver scores that are comparable to Snapdragon the 888/888+. This is consistent with the slight improvement in the clock speed from the Tensor G2 leak earlier this month. The new chip is expected to deliver significant improvements in the ISP (image signal processing) as well as the SoC’s machine learning and AI capabilities.


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    Peter Brandt (Google Guy)
    Peter Brandt (Google Guy)
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