Honor CEO Claims To Create Better Operating System Than Apple IOS

    The CEO of Honor mobiles revealed at an event at its R&D facility in Shenzhen that the company has big plans to compete with Apple’s iOS. He said that Honor’s R&D costs in 2022 will be 10% of the company’s total revenue, which makes him optimistic about the future of MagicOS.

    Honor Aims to Surpass Apple’s iOS

    According to Honor’s CEO, Zhao Ming, the company will provide a superior system to surpass Apple’s iOS. He noted that Honor’s Magic 5 series and other Android smartphones outperform Apple’s smartphones in terms of hardware, design, and battery life. However, Apple’s iOS is the main reason why customers prefer Apple.

    Honor to Focus on Creating a Competitive Ecosystem

    Honor acknowledges that Apple’s iOS is reliable and powerful. The company will strive to compete in this area with future versions of MagicOS. Additionally, Honor will focus on creating an ecosystem that can compete with Apple and its former partner Huawei’s HarmonyOS.


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