How to ensure proper posture when gaming

    Online gaming has become a favourite pastime for young and old. Those that grew up in the 90s video games boom are still playing today, whether it is to scratch that competitive itch or to relax after work. But what most of us do not take into consideration when playing is how sitting for many hours (the same goes for people working from home) in front of the computer affects our posture and health. So here are a few things to help you keep a proper posture when gaming.

    The right chair for the right posture

    Finding the right office chair is an important part of improving your posture. Being comfortable and able to sit up straight so your back is in the right position will help you avoid health issues related to bad posture. 

    While gaming sometimes you can get so engrossed in the game that you change your position to one that will be bad for their back in long run.  That is why a good, ergonomic chair is important to make sure you are more comfortable sitting in the right position than in any other position.

    Ensure that the chair is the right height to be optimal with your desk and monitor. For this, a chair that can be adjusted up and down, and that has a moveable back rest, is essential.

    Bonus: you can buy special pillows or footrests to put under your feet for a better sitting posture. The pillows can help with circulation and bring more comfort.


    As important as a chair is, it is not the only thing you should consider. An adjustable desk and a mounted monitor(s) can help, as well. Being able to adjust your desk and monitors to the right heights for you can minimise your twisting to find a position that can accommodate you.

    Then you need to consider equipment like mouses, keyboards and hand rests. Having comfortable equipment can minimise other health issues that can arise from uncomfortable poses not only to your body but to your hands, as well. A lot of people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or cramping of the hands because of excessive gaming. Comfortable equipment will not stop this from happening but it can minimise the risk.  Rest and exercise are also important, here.


    Sitting for long hours can bring a lot of unwanted health issues, like a bad back, circulation problems and even heart disease because of excessive sitting and insufficient exercise. Getting up regularly and going for a walk or doing some simple stretches can help reduce the risk of such health problems. Know your limits and schedule exercises in between your gaming. Whether you are a professional gamer or just doing it for fun sometimes time can get away from us when playing and if this becomes a habit it can lead to health issues.


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