Huawei P50 Pro embraced by fans

    Although it is currently in political turmoil internationally, Huawei remains cool with its fans. The poll revealed that half of respondents are interested in a Huawei P50 Pro. It is also interesting to see the breakdown of preferences.

    First, less than one in 10 voters would be willing to wait for 5G versions. Although it is a strange limitation, the 4G version of the P50 series doesn’t seem that to bother most people.

    Next, we can echo the sentiments expressed by Galaxy S customers – many prefer the flagship Snapdragon chipset to the company’s internal chip (the Kirin9000 in this instance). While both are available on the P50, it is possible that many people will prefer a permanent arrangement with Huawei. Interestingly, almost as many voters prefer Kirin chips, which are fabbed at TSMC’s 5 nm foundries (vs. Samsung’s 5 nm for Snapdragon).

    Huawei P50 Price in Pakistan

    Android vs. HarmonyOS was not discussed. The more important distinction is Google Mobile Services and Huawei Mobile Services. It’s all about apps. While HMS and the AppGallery are growing at an impressive pace, they are still missing certain key apps for some users. It seems that banking apps are the biggest problem.

    Fans will be pleased with the camera setup on P50 Pro. Some people mentioned the possibility of a Pro+ model (previous generations had a longer focal length periscope), but it was not an issue.

    We’ve been talking about the Pro model so far, because there is not much to say about the vanilla Huawei P50. It is available, it will be in stock next month, and some people will even purchase it. But it doesn’t make geek hearts go wild.


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