Important Details To Know About ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-303:

    Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam and Practice Tests

    As you get ready for the AZ-303 exam, you must be aware of all the important details for effective preparation. Blindly preparing for the test may result in a failed attempt. And as you know, each failed attempt of the exam requires you to pay. The total amount of a fee will depend on your country, but it is an average of $165 in the USA. To avoid the setbacks and emotional pain associated with a failure, you are better off thoroughly preparing for the test. Here you can find all the information that you need to know to succeed.

    Microsoft AZ-303: Prerequisites and Target Audience

    The potential candidates for the Exam-Collection Microsoft Certification – AZ-303 : Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam are expected to have expertise in the design and implementation of solutions running on Microsoft Azure. They are also required to have a detailed understanding of the following concepts, such as computing, networking, storage, and security to improve their chances of acing the test. Besides that, the applicants need to have the intermediate skills in the administration of ExamSnap Azure, DevOps processes, and Azure development. The responsibilities that you will handle under this certification exam include advising the stakeholders and converting the business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable Cloud solutions. You will also have to partner with the Cloud DBAs, Cloud administrators, and clients during the implementation of solutions.

    The target audience for this ExamSnap Microsoft exam is those professionals who possess advanced knowledge and experience in IT operations. The IT concepts that you have to understand include virtualization, security, identity, networking, disaster recovery, data platform, business continuity, governance, disaster recovery, and budgeting. Additionally, the students have to be the keen decision-makers who understand the impact of their decisions on the overall solution deployed.

    Microsoft AZ-303: Crucial Details

    To earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification, you will be required to pass two exams:

    • Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
    • Microsoft Azure Architect Design

    Only after acing these two tests, you will get this expert-level certificate.

    If you are wondering about the skills that are measured in Microsoft AZ-303, these include:

    • Implementing and monitoring Azure infrastructure
    • Implementing security & management solutions
    • Designing monitoring
    • Designing data storage
    • Designing infrastructure
    • Designing identity & security
    • Designing business continuity
    • Implementing solutions for apps
    • Implementing and managing data platforms

    As mentioned, you will have to pass two separate exams to obtain the certification. Each of these tests costs $165, but this amount varies depending on the country from which it is proctored. The learners will have 120 minutes to complete all the questions of the exam content. You can take ExamSnap Microsoft Certification – AZ-303 in many languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. If you want to cancel a scheduled test, you are better off doing so at least six days before the due date. Canceling or rescheduling within 24 hours risks losing the entire fee.


    The Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification is set in the right direction for your career. Earning this certificate gives you the authority to advise the stakeholders and translate their business requirements into scalable Cloud solutions. Please keep in mind the key details mentioned in this guide when you get ready for the Microsoft AZ-303 exam.


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