Lenovo’s Legion gaming smartphone passes through 3C

    Lenovo’s Legion

    Lenovo has a brand new smartphone coming soon, one which carries its legion gaming branding. In may additionally, we saw a teaser from the organization, in addition to a few leaked promotional substances. The legion smartphone is a gamer-centric device supposed to be used horizontally. The phone has now strolled through china’s 3c with a version range l79031. The only portions of data listed aside from the model range are the charger specs, and that it’s a “5G Mobile Phone”.. The charger covered with this tool best is going as much as 45w despite the fact that earlier teasers cautioned the phone will support 90w charging. It’s also anticipated that there will be multiple variations of the legion phone, but the business enterprise showed back in april that each one variants might have 90w charging. Different leaked specifications of the legion smartphone consist of a 144Hz refresh rate display (with a touch sampling rate of 270Hz), UFS 3.0 internal storage, LPDDR5 RAM, and a centrally placed camera setup with 64MP main shooter and a 16MP ultrawide unit. There’s additionally a the front-facing digital camera with a 20mp sensor, and the front digital camera pops out of the long edge of the smartphone, which provides to the complete  “using the phone sideways” subject.


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