Mobile Gaming – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

    Every player knows that winning a game is not easy, especially with competition as harsh as today. But, specific tweaks can enhance your chances for winning, and at the same time help you enjoy the game as you’ve never before.

    Here are the top tips and tricks and strategies to enhance your mobile gaming experience and play your favourite games like a pro!

    1. Play in DND

    Mobile gaming can be quite annoying if your game gets continually interrupted by phone calls, messages or other notifications. This may ruin the gameplay atmosphere, but can also cost you winning the game.

    If you already don’t have such a habit, try playing your games in Do Not Disturb Mode. You can turn it on quite quickly on your Android cell phone and change the settings so that all the important calls still get through and you don’t miss something that matters.

    1. Know the Rules of the Game

    For the best gaming experience, learn the rules of the game you’re playing, and the controls that you will use during the game. Many games have options to customize the interface and the controls for an even user better experience, so use them to customize the game the way it suits you the best.

    As for learning the rules of the game, this is especially true for mobile casino enthusiasts. Even though many believe that when it comes to casino games, luck plays the most important part, you will hardly win without knowing the rules and regulations. Casino players should also educate themselves on casino odds, deposits and bonuses and at the website they can find all this information in one place.

    1. Play With Full Battery

    When you’re battery is low, it can seriously affect your gaming experience. Since games are very intensive for mobile phone resources, when your battery levels fall beyond 20 percent, default Android’s Battery Saving Mode will turn off the visual effects, and restrict performance.

    However, turning on the battery saving or aeroplane mode on some mobile phones canboost your battery life for better gaming performance. If you find it hard to keep your battery full, having an external battery around is always a practical solution.

    1. Clear the Background Apps

    Mobile phones are a synonym for multitasking, and most often you will have numerous applications running together at the same moment. But, for a great gaming experience, this is actually not recommended.

    As we’ve mentioned before, games are resource-intensive. Your games need a lot of processor power and RAM to run smoothly. If you have other apps running in the background, they will use all the necessary resources. So, before running the game, don’t forget to clear all other apps and enjoy the top-quality gameplay.

    1. Consider Whether Wi-Fi Is the Best Option

    Most of the gamers almost automatically choose Wi-Fi when playing games on their phones. However, this is not always the best option. If someone else uses the same Wi-Fi for their own purposes – such as downloading music or videos, you will notice sever connection drops. The same happens if your ISP is poor. In these cases, using your mobile internet data plan is usually a better option, that will guarantee you more stable gameplay.

    1. Use a Controller

    If you are an enthusiast in first-person or racing games, such as Fortnite or Need for Speed, using a controller during gameplay will enable more precision, and leave your game screen thumb free. Many games now have built-in compatibility for controllers, and the setup is easy, so it’s a sure way to boost your gaming experience.

    1. Add Fun With a Large Screen

    If you have a smart TV and your phone supports screen mirroring, you’re missing out a lot if you still haven’t tried playing on a large screen. The setup of screen mirroring is clutter-free, and you can establish a connection in a couple of minutes, enjoying it for the more hours of exciting gameplay to come.

    Next time you’re in for gameplay, have these tips and tricks on your mind, and you’re in for a fantastic experience.


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