Onpleus 11 To Get Anroid 14 Update On September 25

    Apple and Google both announced the dates of their upcoming fall launch events in the previous days, and today OnePlus has its own announcement. However, this isn’t about a new phone.

    Instead, the Oneplus has stated that OxygenOS 14, which is based on Android 14, will be on September 25. Given that Google hasn’t yet made Android 14 available, OnePlus set a rather optimistic timeframe.

    On September 25, OnePlus 11 will receive Android 14. For the 11R, and OnePlus Nord 3, OxygenOS 14 is aslo to be launched in the upcoming days as a public beta build. Since there was no mention of which specific model(s) will be approved to run the newest version of the OS on that day, we’re going to assume it’s just going to be the OnePlus 11. However, since the wording is vague enough that we feel the need to caution you here, you may assume that all three of those devices are getting the stable release on September 25.

    However, it seems obvious that even if they don’t receive it on the same day, the OnePlus 11R and Nord 3 won’t be far after. Because the Nord 3 is a mid-range device and sometimes these have to wait for a few generations of flagships to be updated first, it’s wonderful to see OnePlus commit to releasing new Android versions quickly and including the Nord 3 in the first wave of updates.

    According to OnePlus, OxygenOS 14 will be improved in six areas: CPU Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, ROM Vitalization, HyperBoost, HyperTouch, and HyperRendering. OnePlus hasn’t yet provided any explanations for any of those features, so we’re unable to tell you what they all imply. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more, though.


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