OPPO Reno 8 Launched Officially – No News to Launch In Pakistan

    The OPPO Reno 8 4G comes from a collection of Oppo’s higher middle-tier Reno flagships. With just a few changes the company is offering the identical Reno experience for a fraction of the cost. The entire Reno 8 family bear an emblem of 5G on their names, which means 5G processors are inside. The most recent Reno8 is an evolution of the same family of.

    Note: Reno 7 Series was not released in Pakistan

    Reno 8 4G has just been officially launched in Indonesia with the Snapdragon 680 (6nm) 4G processor, hence the 4G label. Internally, it’s akin to Reno7 which was released a few months ago. It’s like an upgrade from Reno7 with a new moniker. Although the the OPPO Reno 6 was last to be released in Pakistan without Reno 7 or Reno 7 Pro, it’s a good thing. Reno 7, we do think that the new series will be available in the local market again.

    The device has a flat 6.43-inch size on an AMOLED panel. Visuals are the sharpest with a dense pixel packed (409 PPI) Full HD+ resolution screen. A smooth refresh rate of 90Hz and brightness of 800 nits for a whole user-friendly experience.

    Reno 8 is a continuation of the style of seven-series Reno. A rectangular cutout to accommodate the camera pops out to allow for a camera trio. The rear is textured and has matte finish to prevent streaks of smudges that can be caused by fingers. The OPPO Reno’s new model has flat edges. There’s a fingerprint power key that is mounted on the right side.

    8GB of memory and 256GB of storage are the only option available on Reno8 4G. The phone runs UFS 2.2 speed for data which allows for smooth multitasking. In terms of optics, we’re viewing an 8-megapixel selfie camera inside the display’s punch hole. The camera on the rear is triple slotted and features an aperture of 64 megapixels that is that is designated as the primary. The two other slots utilize two-megapixel macro as well as depth sensor.

    Protection features include IPX4 resistance against water, a Panda glass shield on the screen, and a fingerprint scanner protruding from the side. Phone hooks all these internals to a 4500mAh cell supporting 33W top-up speed. Reno8 4G natively runs on Android 12 x ColorOS 12 UI. The price starts from ~PKR 84,999 to 89,999./-


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