Samsung Galaxy A52 update enables RAM Plus

    Although RAM Plus was prominently featured in the One UI 4.0 changelog but it’s not included in Samsung’s Android 12 update package. Samsung offers it for various phones running Android 11, including the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy S21 series, the Galaxy M52 as well as two models from the A52 series, the model with 5G and A52s 5G. A52s 5G.

    The 4G version Galaxy A52, also known as that is the Galaxy A52 is also getting RAM Plus as part of the update that began being released earlier today. The updated software (version A525FXXU4AUI3) also includes the October security patch that includes fixes for over 60 vulnerabilities.

    RAM Plus is now available on the Samsung Galaxy A52.

    In case you’ve been thinking about exactly what RAM Plus is, it’s the virtual RAM feature which has gained popularity on Android phones in recent times. It basically, it stores a portion of the internal memory – 4GB for the A52 – and considers the RAM as.

    It’s a bit this method is known as memory paging (colloquially called “swap”). In essence, the OS pretends to have more RAM than there actually is and when the RAM of the hardware gets full, programs that don’t have any use are moved to the storage, while applications that require running are loaded. As you can imagine, this work best with storage that is fast (but it has been used for decades using spinning hard drives which are incredibly slow in comparison to flash memory that is modern).


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