Samsung Semiconductor plant in South Korea

Samsung Semiconductor received the green indication to move forward with the production of the third generation of 4nm chipsets, sources in Korea confirm. Samsung Semiconductor was able to reach a adequate wafer yields for the latest generation chipsets which could help in reducing power consumption.

The process of manufacturing is scheduled to begin at the end of H1 2023, which would be in just three months.

The yields on one wafer were incredibly poor at the Hwaseong manufacturing facility, and this forced chip makers like Qualcomm to sign contracts with TSMC for 4nm platform. The Taiwanese firm had between 70 and 80 percent usable wafers. Samsung was unable to achieve 60%. Since manufacturers pay for the entire wafer, it’s more cost-effective to choose the one that produces less waste.

The next advancement in process technology is 3nm as well Apple is scheduled to release the iPhone 15 Pro devices that run on these platforms. Business Korea quoted research by Counterpoint that revealed that the 5nm and 4nm process tend to be the ones most popular in mobile devices , with 22 percent, followed by 7nm and 6nm processes at 16%..

The production of 4nm-based chips is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, because the two companies Samsung as well as TSMC are building factories within the United States which will be fully operational in 2024.


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