Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Still Down In Pakistan

    Updated: Users Are Still Facing Issues To Use Social Media Platform; Including Youtube.

    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Still Down In Pakistan. Pakistan woke up to a digital blackout today as major social media platforms are still down since yesterday. This unprecedented move comes in the wake of the arrest of the country’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

    No announcement regarding this was made by PTA or any other governing officials.

    Users are unable to surf the content feed on these platfroms, as per

    Previous Prime Minister Imran Khan was taken into custody yesterday under circumstances that are still being clarified. The arrest has sparked a maelstrom of uncertainty and controversy, with citizens and political commentators alike seeking answers. Concerns have been raised regarding maintaining public order as a result of the numerous rallies and demonstrations that Imran Khan’s detention has sparked around the nation.

    Many smartphone users are also saying that WhatsApp is not functioning properly on both computers and mobile devices.

    Maybe authorities have blocked access to social media platforms for users to control this political turmoil. But this cause a thought of how the action may affect the right to free speech and access to information.

    As the situation continues to unfold, Pakistan’s wait for further clarity on both the reasons behind former PM Khan’s arrest and the subsequent social media blackout. This event serves as a stark reminder of the critical role that digital platforms play in modern communication and the potential consequences when access to these platforms is curtailed.

    Users are still having access to these soical media platforms by using different VPN connections.


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