3 Reasons to make a monthly business wrap up video

    Businesses have evolved into adapting the video medium very quickly. From big establishments to small businesses everyone is ready to extend their budget to market themselves and promote their businesses to drive sales in all manner possible. Although it might seem like a smart decision to splurge the majority of the business’s money on promotions, the reality is very contrasting. You can, however, create business wrap-up videos that can work as a promo video for your business. This way, you can generate leads and reach out to potential investors. Let us first understand a business wrap-up video. 

    make a monthly business wrap up video

    A business wrap-up video sums up the highlights of events, strategies, results, and overall performance of the business over a particular timespan. These videos help the business to understand progress and data in an easier and much more presentable manner than merely looking at excel sheets. Here are a few reasons to make a monthly business wrap up video- 

    Track progress of the company

    A company needs to track its progress. Tracking the company’s statistics and data helps to improve on its shortcomings. Since it is digits and charts that one presents in a monthly meeting, you might notice people gulping down a yawn or two. This not only wastes time but doesn’t spike much interest amongst the audience.

    To present your progress in a better manner you can create a promo video that takes the audience through the progress of your company monthly. Creating these videos every month will habituate the employees of the organization but don’t worry as these videos are customizable and give you the power to unleash your creativity. Monthly wrap-up videos encourage a vibrant culture that makes sure that everyone pays attention. 

    Share it on social media 

    Your monthly business wrap-up video has value outside of the four walls of the conference room as well. Social media video marketing is one of the key pillars of growing a business. Using your monthly wrap-up video on your social media business handles will assure high engagement and reach with increased visibility. Being visible can result in higher inquiries and even sales so it’s an important first step. If the video features a talking head such as the CEO, don’t forget to apply the rule of thirds while recording their video. Similarly, if your video is in landscape mode, you should make sure your video is the correct aspect ratio (length and width) for the social media platform. Instagram prefers 1:1 while YouTube prefers 9:16.

    When the audience starts to notice the progress mentioned in the video, they’re bound to interact more with the brand and might want to purchase the product or avail the services.

    Easy to overview for the leader 

    CEOs, business owners, and team leaders don’t often get the time to track day-to-day progress or go through innumerable presentation slides and excel sheets. A leader wants to check on how their business and team are performing. 

    A monthly business wrap-up video will have all topics covered for the leader to better understand where the business stands compared to the previous month. The benefit of creating these monthly videos will be evident by the year-end. Guess what? You can further create a yearly business wrap-up video by recycling footage from the monthly videos. 

    Bonus Tip: Share it with potential investors 

    What if we told you that your business wrap-up video could help you win over potential investors? Investors are always on the lookout to pump in money on projects that look promising. However, this isn’t done without multiple rounds of pitching to the investors. 

    Your wrap-up video could become the soul of your pitch to pull investors into funding your company’s project. These wrap-up videos will prove to grow and expand your company’s worth by luring potential investors quite easily. Business wrap-up videos are competitive as they showcase your company’s progress with the help of a  creative video, which gives your business an upper hand as most old school companies often fear taking a leap of faith from traditional presentations to videos. 

    The business’s monthly business video wrap-up saves you and others from the wrath of long boring presentations. There are multiple things that you must keep in mind before you create your wrap-up video-

    1. Brand Tonality: Although taking creative liberties sounds perfect, your wrap-up video must match the tonality of your brand. This is essential especially while pitching to investors using your wrap-up video.
    1. Taking creative: The whole point of having a video to wrap up your monthly progress is to be creative and make the boring numbers and statistics interesting. You can also present the reports by recording yourself in the video while editing texts and images to pop up around you. This will provide an immersive experience for the audience. 

    Now that you have enough reasons, start taking your company to new heights using a business wrap-up video. 


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