How keyword domain names help in lead generation for business?

    Leading generation is an integral part of growing a business. Moreover, you need customers to stay in business, as without customers your business will oscillate. Therefore, to do so multiple tactics are used. One of the amazing tricks is the use of keyword domain. Many entrepreneurs, bloggers, and business owners use it. In this article, we will share an ultimate guideline for keyword domain names. Let’s proceed.

    What are keyword domain names?

    Keyword domain names are defined as the additional domains having the targeted keywords of your business and helps to redirect traffic to your website. It is to be noted that you don’t need to change the company or primary domain name. These domains are just additional domains to target more traffic on your primary website. You need a hosting company to register these domain names.

    How do keyword domain names work?

    Keyword domain names are effective to generate traffic on your website. Whenever you want to purchase a product, you will type a keyword or product name at the search bar. Ultimately, Google will show results. For example, you run a business of “Asian traditional dresses” and your primary domain is Now, when a customer searches for “Asian lenga” then would rank in Google search engine. Therefore, you can use as a keyword domain name to drive traffic directly or indirectly to your website. 

    Types of keyword domain names

    Usually, keyword domain names are categorized as exact match domain, partial match domain, and exact match business name. Here is the difference among them described below.

    Exact Match Domain: It is a type of domain that includes the exact targeted keyword of your business. Such a domain helps the business to rank in search engines.

    Partial Match Domain: This type of domain includes one part of your targeted keyword. It is helpful when targeting the local keyword or low competition keywords.

    Exact Match Business Domain: The domain including the exact keyword business name that makes it easy to rank in the search engines as well as Google My Business profile.

    How to choose keyword domain names?

    It is clear from the above description that keyword domain names help to target traffic, more customers, generate business leads, and earn more revenue. So, now you might be intended to choose an appropriate keyword domain. Therefore, here are some points that you must consider while doing so.

    1. Shorter domain

    While finding an exact match domain, you will observe that most of the domains are already taken. Therefore, don’t try to add extra words to it. Just wait for the availability of required domains. Because shorter domains work better.

    1. SEO Optimization

    Before purchasing keyword domain names, it is important to make your primary website or domain SEO optimized. To do so, you can use different SEO plugins, such as Yoast. It will help you to optimize and rank the primary domain. Later you can search for keyword domain names.

    1. Informative Content

    Try to create shareable and informative content on your site. It will help you to build backlinks. Moreover, your content should be written in such a way that other websites can also link or embed your site URL. It will help to have more backlinks, improved ranking, and off-page SEO.

    1. Speed Optimization

    Website speed and performance are very important. As speed is considered as a ranking factor. Moreover, when the visitors reach your site, the content should be delivered quickly. Less responsive sites usually face a high bounce rate. Therefore, regularly observe the site speed, use WordPress speed optimization tools, and develop a fast loading site.


    Keyword domain names help generate leads for your business and also useful to drive traffic to your website. You can choose 1 to a thousand and as many keyword domains as you want. But it is important to develop your primary domain properly, make it rank in search engines, and optimize its speed.

    Afterward, you can purchase keyword domains. Try to choose short and exact match domains so you can target the exact customers to lead generation for the business. Avoid adding extra words to the keyword if not available. We hope this strategy will work for you. 

    Thank you for reading!


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