4 Best Plagiarism Checker apps for Android

We all know the importance of mobile in today’s world. Smartphone alone hasn’t made our lives easier, instead, the applications is another reason for ease to use the smartphone for different purposes. 

The advancement of technology has enabled the checking of plagiarism directly from your smartphone. 

Different apps are available on Play Store that offers plagiarism checker but not all of these are considerable. 

Below, we have listed the four best plagiarism checker apps that can help students, teachers, bloggers, or any other professional to check the originality of their writing. 

  1. Prepostseo
  • This plagiarism detector app scans the content and compares it with the online resources to find any similarity in your writing. 
  • This application is an innovation by Prepostseo and the plagiarism checker can also be accessed using web variant by your browser. 
  • The application is popular for usually popular between students, teachers, bloggers, and businessmen. 
  • Whether you are a student or an SEO marketer, this plagiarism checking app can help submit unique content. 
  • The most amazing fact about this app is the ease of use as it provides a user-friendly interface on your device. 
  • To use this application, you can either paste the text in the app or uploading the file directly from your mobile’s documents. Not only this, in the latest update of this application, the users can now take the image from their device’s camera to directly detect plagiarism. 
  • It can upload the file into different formats including Word Document, PDF Document, or Txt Document.
  • Once you click, you just need to click the “Check Plagiarism” button and it will find any similar resource available on the internet. 
  • This application results in 100% accuracy as it scans all the web pages, social media posts, E-papers, as well as YouTube Descriptions to find similarities in your writing. 
  • This is a free app for everyone (with restrictions to word count) while the premium packages can make you use limitless. 
  • Besides this, this app also stores the report automatically inside the application and this report is secure as it utilizes the offline storage of your smartphone. 
  1. Plagiarisma.net

This app is another useful smartphone application to find plagiarism in your writing. Using this app, you can compare your text with the indexed articles on multiple search engines and other resources. 

It compares your content with the resources on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google Scholar, and Google Book. 

This is another easy-to-use application as you just paste the text into the input box and then click the check “duplicate content” button to find plagiarism. 

Features of this application:

  • No Registration: There is no need for any registration to use this application at all. Just open the app, and enter your text. 
  • File Uploading Option: The app supports Txt, Doc, Docx, and some other formats to assesses the copied text in your writing
  • Save Reports: This app lets you save the report in HTML, Doc format.
  • Safe to use: The app is safe and secure to find the uniqueness in your writing 
  • Compatibility: This plagiarism checker is downloadable on different smartphones
  • Download Link Here
  1. Plagly

The Plagly is among the plagiarism checker apps utilized by numerous students and SEO professionals.

The app is utilized to immediately assess the file and compare the text through all the content available on the internet.

The major features in it include:

  • Assess Content Instantly: The app matches the information and immediately create the plagiarism report.
  • Additionally, it also helps to improve the grammatical and punctuation mistakes. 
  • Natural Language Processing: The app assesses the content to understand the meaning of the context and find any relevant content on the internet. 
  • Safe and Secure: This app provides 100% security to the writing of the author and doesn’t store it in their database.
  1. Skandy
  • Skandy is among the best duplicate content checking apps especially for teachers, students, and bloggers because it can be used for free at all. 
  • To Confirm the originality of an article, enter the text to the input box or upload a document from your smartphone.
  • This app doesn’t require any registration or subscription to use for any of the users. The app allows you to upload documents from your mobile in different formats such as PDF, Word, Doc, Doc, etc. You might even upload the document from cloud storage too.
  • The app gives a superb feature to inspect the content utilizing a URL. You just need to enter the URL of the article and it will find the plagiarism in it automatically. 
  • This app scans the picture and finds the text to inspect the duplicated content in it. You can also download the plagiarism report on your mobile and it is shareable to any user. 
  • This app is installable on any device which is operated by Android. 


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