Benefits of Playing Video Games for Children

Why exactly do we play video games? Do we play games to entertain ourselves? To explore the virtual world? To enjoy with our pals? Yes, all these reasons are indeed true. However, there is more to gaming than just entertainment. It blesses us with several other benefits as well. In this article we have listed five benefits of playing video games for children.

From honing our skills to sharpening our minds, gaming does prepare us for the practical world. We know this might sound funny, but gaming refines our personalities and blesses us with clear analytical skills. Almost a decade ago, parents used to blame video games for their kids’ low grades, intolerable behavior, or unacceptable personalities. 

However, things have changed now. Yes, elders of today encourage their young ones to spend an appropriate amount of time looking at the screen or playing online games, and rightfully so. An excess of anything is bad. They allow their kids to indulge in physical activities and train them to study all week long. The weekends however are only for gaming and other sources of entertainment. This perfect balance keeps the children happy and they end up learning useful things. 

So if you are one of those parents who are still stopping their kids from playing games even in their free time, we would highly recommend you rethink your strategy and incorporate little gaming sessions in their daily activities. If for example, they perform well in an exam, reward them with some gaming screen time. Trust us, your kids would learn a great deal. 

  1. Enhanced Cognitive Reasoning

It is observed that children who play online games for four or more hours a week perform tasks associated with memory more efficiently than those who spend all their time studying. Playing games sharpens their memories and teaches them the art of observing things. 

So if you think that your child is lacking those basic cognitive skills, then we recommend you to get them into the online gaming zone. A seamless online gaming session, however, would be impossible without a high-speed internet connection. For ensuring your lag-free internet connectivity, we truly root for Xfinity. With maximum speeds up to 2 Gbps, (ideal for gaming) and incredible customer care, also catering to Spanish speakers with Xfinity en Español it is just a win-win situation for you. 

Once your child starts playing online games at least thrice a week, you will notice a huge difference in their cognitive and analytical skills. They will start practicing the art of attention to detail and will also end up having a sharp memory. 

  1. Reduced Stress and Depression

Many kids feel that playing video games, particularly on the weekends helps them unwind after a long, tiring week at school. It blesses them with a tiny escape from all the books, notes, exams, assignments, presentations, etc. Why do they feel this way? 

Well, mainly because gaming provides a feeling of achievement and a distraction from the hectic routine. In addition to this, the social component of online gaming can offer a sense of association and support, which can also ultimately help to lessen anxiety and stress. 

  1. Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Playing online games can teach your kids to solve different types of problems. When children begin playing games, they come across various kinds of issues during the games and to move further in the game field, they essentially have to diligently solve them. 

This continuous practice aids them in developing effective problem-solving abilities that take them to greater levels. They start to analyze situations deeply all thanks to these strategy-based games. 

  1. Better Social Skills

The stereotype of a video gamer as a quiet, introverted, and fearful individual who avoids forming social relationships is prevalent in popular culture; however, this is not the case in real life. Due to the cooperative as well as collaborative elements of several video games, those who play them are more likely to develop social skills and form stronger relationships with those around them. Hence, we can safely say that online gaming helps in building lifelong connections. 

  1. Improved Fine Motor Skills

Some video games that essentially require accurate finger movements, like puzzle games, can effectively aid in enhancing fine motor skills. Nevertheless, it is quite significant to observe that not all video games will have a similar impact on motor skills, and the gaming influence on motor skills will most likely differ depending on the gamer and the particular video game being played. Generally speaking, video games that require proper hand-eye adjustment, as well as instant reflexes, may be more expected to influence motor skills. 

Wrapping up

Playing video games is a fun pastime activity. However, let us also not forget that this activity if done right brings in a lot of benefits as well. We hope the five advantages that we have mentioned in this article will encourage you to allow your kids to indulge in online gaming.