Google Pixel Eraser Magic

The Magic Eraser feature introduced by Google with the Pixel 6 is scheduled to be available to users of all Pixel users. The feature will be accessible to non-Pixel iOS users via Google Photos. Google Photos app if they are enrolled in an Google One subscription.

To top all of this, Google is also introducing free shipping on print orders to Google One members, as that you reside within the United States, Canada, the European Union, or the United Kingdom. If you’re not an existing Google One member, in the beginning of March, you’ll be allowed to sign-up for a trial for free but that offer is only open to newly signed-up Google One subscribers.

Get rid of photobombers using Magic Eraser

It’s not pleasant when you think you’ve captured the perfect photo only to find distracting elements on the other side. Magic Eraser detects any distractions that are in the photos you take, including power lines or photobombers, which means you can eliminate them with just a couple of taps. You can also draw circles or paint other things you’d like to erase, or erase and Magic Eraser will make them disappear.3 In addition, camouflage features can be used in Magic Eraser can change the hue of objects in your photos to allow them to blend seamlessly in the remainder of your photo and focusing on the things that matter.