Apple May Not Increase iPhone 14 Series Production – Will Cause More Price Hike In Pakistan

Apple believed that to launch the iPhone 14 series, it would have to increase its production by up to 6 million units. According to Bloomberg, Cupertino told its suppliers to stop building more units because demand didn’t rise as expected.

This means that production targets are being reverted to 90 millions. This is not for the entire iPhone 14 family. However, it is clear that the four models are and not in terms popularity.

The iPhone 14 Pro, and particularly the 14 Pro Max have been a hit with customers. However, the iPhone 14 as well as the iPhone 14 Plus, which are still not on sale, are less popular than the vanilla models. According to insiders, at least one Apple supplier is shifting its production to concentrate more on the Pro Duo.

China, an important market for Apple is experiencing economic difficulties. Local smartphone brands are also suffering. The iPhone 14 family has seen 11% less purchases than the iPhone 13 family last year.

In the face of rising inflation and economic uncertainty, global demand is also down. Part of the reason for lower than expected demand can be attributed to the iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro. The gap between them, and their Pro counterparts, is larger than in recent years. However, their upgrade over their predecessors is not as significant.


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