Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 To Support Android Apps

    Microsoft has confirmed that Android app support is being offered to Windows 11 users in 21 additional countries. All Windows 11 users can now download WSA (Windows Subsystem For Android) to enable Android app support.

    This update allows more people to take advantage of the limited number of Android apps available from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft states that the machine should have at least 8GB RAM (16GB is recommended), an SSD, solid-state drive, Intel core i3-8th Gen or higher and the Virtual Machine Platform setting.

    You can enable Android app support for Windows by going to the Microsoft Store. After installation is complete, log in to Amazon Appstore with your Amazon account and browse apps. Although there are not many apps currently available in the Amazon Appstore (at this time), you can sideload apps until your heart’s content.

    WSA for Windows 11 now available to users in Andorra (Belgium, France, Germany and Gibraltar), Guernsey.


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    Liron Segev (Tech Geek)
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