Apple to fix 120Hz Screen Refresh Rates in third-party apps

    With the launch of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, Apple finally introduced high-resolution screens on their flagship smartphones. To make them more efficient in battery usage, the implementation on iOS is different from the one found on the iPads which have similar screens previously however it was discovered to cause problems. Apple has promised to upgrade its phones to fix this issue.

    The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max using the following refresh rates and timings:

    • 120Hz (8ms)
    • 80Hz (12ms)
    • 60Hz (16ms)
    • 48Hz (20ms)
    • 40Hz (25ms)
    • 30Hz (33ms)
    • 24Hz (41ms)
    • 20Hz (50ms)
    • 16Hz (62ms)
    • 15Hz (66ms)
    • 12Hz (83ms)
    • 10Hz (100ms)

    The majority apps from third-party developers are limited to 60Hz currently, with 120Hz being incorporated only for certain scrolling and animations. Actually, there’s a bug that restricts certain Core Animations to 60Hz . an upcoming patch could solve that issue too.

    Apple has released documentation that includes instructions for developers as well as how to modify their apps to support ProMotion in iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. There’s even an overview of the supported rate of refresh and the timing.


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