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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Exam and Its Official Practice Test

The MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam is well known in the IT field today because many applicants are looking for Cloud computing awareness and hands-on experience. Introducing the basics of Azure, this test is suitable for the beginners. This article provides all the details of this certification exam and the benefits associated with it.

About the Microsoft MS-900 exam

Those individuals who want to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals certification are required to take the Microsoft MS-900 Exam . For other advanced paths, this test is optional, which means it is not a prerequisite for any certificates of higher levels.

The Microsoft MS-900 exam is intended for those candidates who have a basic knowledge of the challenges and benefits associated with Cloud services and Software as a Service (SaaS) design and can illustrate them. Before sitting for this test, you need to know about the topics that are listed below:

  • Explaining the Cloud concepts
  • Describing the core services in addition to the concepts linked to Microsoft 365
  • Describing the details of compliance, trust, security, and privacy in association with Microsoft 365
  • Understanding pricing to support for Microsoft 365

This certification test can be undertaken before other Cloud technologies and computing exams, including Windows 10, Office 365, and Microsoft Intune & Azure Information Protection (AIP). The benefits of this test and its associated certificate give the candidates a reason to have it.

It is important to know all the exam details before attempting Microsoft MS-900. All in all, the test takers are expected to have about 40-60 questions that are presented in the formats, such as multiple choice, case studies, active screen, hot area, build list, and others. These items have to be covered within 60 minutes and one is supposed to score 700 points or more to pass the exam. The fee of $99 is what is required when you will be registering for the test. English and Japanese are the only languages available in the exam.

About the benefits associated with the Microsoft MS-900 exam

Many organizations offer the Cloud computing certifications but Microsoft Certification Exam  is rated as one of the best due to its popularity. Some of the benefits that the candidates can get after passing the MS-900 exam are listed below:

  • The individuals will be awarded the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals certification.
  • The certificate will elevate your workforce resume.
  • The certification obtained after completing Microsoft MS-900 is a direct ticket for a successful tomorrow.
  • Through Microsoft MS-900, the students will be able to apply the skills that most companies require.
  • The applicants will earn higher salaries.


If Cloud computing is your specific career area, then you are better off starting with the Microsoft MS-900 exam. This is mostly the case if you are green in the arena of Azure & Microsoft 365 and need a way to introduce yourself to these magnificent realms. Many great opportunities are presented to anyone who takes responsibility for their careers. Set yourself on the right track for Cloud computing with Microsoft MS-900!