Infinix Hot 12 Released and Available in Pakistan Now

    Infinix Hot 12 launched in Pakistan just a few days ago to support to the Infinix Hot 12i release. It is available for pre-orders through the Infinix Pakistan website right now. For every pre-order, Infinix is throwing in the free pair of TWS Earbuds worth the amount of Rs. 3099. The window for pre-registration is open until May 10, 2022. Sales officially start on May 11. We have all the details and prices to share.

    If there’s two aspects Infinix is famous to be known for it’s the massive screens and batteries; Infinix Hot 12 comes with both. The display of the phone is spacious 6.82″ display with an IPS panel. It’s flat, comes with an centered hole punch and comes with a small amount of bezels.

    The Hot 12 peaks at 720P in resolution, refreshes at a smooth 90Hz, and samples for touches at a responsive 180Hz. Also, the frame includes a dual speaker system for a stereo sound experience.

    The battery in Hot 12 is a 5000 mAh cell. In addition, the new member of the Infinix price catalogue does not require devices that consume a lot of energy, it is able to endure 13 hours of gaming uninterrupted and the streaming of music for 144 hours with a single charge. Features such as Power Marathon stretch that battery lifespan even further. The phone is recharged using the 18W fast-charging charger included inside the box.

    MediaTek Helio G85 power the Infinix Hot 12. It’s a low-cost gaming chip that can run games that are less demanding efficiently. It comes with 6GB of memory to facilitate multitasking as well as 128GB of internal memory (expandable by microSD.)

    The camera isn’t anything of importance. The rear camera has a 13MP sensor in the back. The front camera is equipped with eight megapixels of sensor. There are four options to choose from: Racing Black, Legend White, Origin Blue, and Lucky Green. It starts at the price of Rs. 26,999. Although after discounts from retailer you can grab it at the range of Rs 24,999


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