Is Symfony the best PHP framework in the marketplace?

    Websites are now much faster and can provide relevant information to the users within the blink of any eye. If you dig deep, you will be surprised to know PHP has been used to create more than 80% of these sites. To create a project in PHP, programmers rely on stable and reliable frameworks. While selecting the developing platform, programmers have a wide range of options like Laravel, Symfony, Zend, etc. But Symfony is often considered as one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Though you might disagree with this statement since every platform has its own pros and cons. In today’s article, we will highlight some of the key features for which Symfony is widely used by the skilled PHP programmers. Read this carefully and decide it for yourself whether it is the best PHP framework.

    Allows you to save time

    Though Symfony is in the third position in terms of popularity due to some of its unique features, some programmers consider it as the best PHP framework. For instance, it allows you to reuse PHP components and bundles which eventually gives you more time to focus on other core features. As a programmer, you should always think about efficiency and only then you will be able to create the best products for your clients. So learn to think smart to become a better programmer.


    When you start dealing with a large project, it often becomes hard for a small developer team to finish the project within the stipulated time. Eventually, it becomes necessary to hire new PHP developers skilled in the Symfony platform. Unlike other platforms, the user of this platform doesn’t have to face a tough time to get in line with the team since the framework always follows some basic rules. If you run into such situations, make sure you look for the best Symfony outsourcing solutions to ensure the success of your project.

    Bugs are nominal

    Though the Symfony platform is third in popularity, it is often considered to provide a neat user interface to the developers. And when you start developing a project in a neat interface, chances of making mistakes is very low. Most importantly, the team members can look through the codes and find the faults. Eventually, the regression testing of the program’s development in the Symfony platform becomes less tedious.

    High-end security

    No matter how good your website is, you are always at high risk when the security is not tight. But this will be not the case when developing web applications or websites based on the Symfony platform. You will get regular updates for the framework components which is going to reinforce your security. You might create the best program in the world with the most complex logic but without offering strong security, you are a product that is not going to gain huge popularity. So, if you consider the security issues, Symfony might be the best option for your project.

    Reliability and stability

    Reliability and stability is a great issue when it comes to sophisticated websites or web-based applications. In the past, many popular PHP frameworks failed but the Symfony platform is still trusted by thousands of developers due to its ongoing high-end support from the backers. In fact, this platform has commercial support from Sensiolabs who are very much concerned with their reputations. So, those who are looking for a reliable platform to use in the long run, Symfony might be the perfect option.

    Strong community support

    Community support is a very important metric which you should consider before selecting any PHP framework. Symfony platform has more than 2000+ active contributors in the official websites which allows the new developers to find easy solutions from the experts. Being an open-source platform, having a large number of active contributors clearly upholds the stance of the Symfony framework. Feel free to share your problems in the community and you will get an easy fix.


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