iphone 13 - 120ghz

Apple to fix 120Hz Screen Refresh Rates in third-party apps

With the launch of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, Apple finally introduced high-resolution screens on their flagship smartphones. To make them more efficient in battery usage, the implementation on...
Server Management

Server Management – Boosting the Uptime, Performance and the Security of Your Database

Keeping your database servers in prime condition needs extensive planning. To offer the end-user the optimal experience, reduce downtime, curb threats to its security, and prevent issues in maintenance,...

Is Symfony the best PHP framework in the marketplace?

Websites are now much faster and can provide relevant information to the users within the blink of any eye. If you dig deep, you will be surprised to know...
Word Press Vs BlogSpot

Word Press Vs BlogSpot | Which is Ideal for Beginners?

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Not sure about whether you should opt Word Press Vs BlogSpot as your blog stage?  Through this article, we...
shared hosting

What Is Shared Hosting? Explained in Detail

Shared Hosting-Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages with Alternatives We all want to start a blog or a website. Half of us keep...


Vivo Y16 Expected To Launch In Pakistan Before February

Recently Vivo Mobiles, launched Vivo V25 series in Pakistan, Vivo V25, V25e. The company is now preparing to introduce Vivo Y16 in...