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If you are an Administrator who wants to validate the existing skills, you can try to pass the AZ-104 test. It proves the skills of the individuals in working with MICROSOFT 365 services. It is important to note that the applicants can meet some difficulties with this qualifying exam. In this article, we will take a quick look at some tips that you may use to prepare for it.

Target Audience

Before you begin your preparation process, you should find out the requirements for this test. The specialists should possess the abilities to plan, deploy, migrate, manage, and evaluate MICROSOFT 365 services. Besides that, they need to have the expertise in networking, server administration, and IT fundamentals. In addition, it is important to have experience in administrating Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, and Windows 10 deployment.

Exam Details

The MICROSOFT AZ-104 test has the duration of 3 hours. Within this time frame, the applicants need to deal with about 40-60 questions. The passing score is 700 out of 1000 points. The students can sit for this certification exam in Japanese or English. The registration price is $165.

Tips and Hints

The AZ-104: MICROSOFT 365 Mobility and Security test is not a walk in the park. Therefore, the specialists should take their preparation process seriously. The following are some tips to prepare for this test:

  • Exam Blueprint

The professionals may find the blueprint on the certification webpage. This tool is designed to get conversant with the exam. It covers the highlights of the subject areas included in MICROSOFT AZ-104. To sum it up, it is a good option to begin your preparation.

  • Study Materials

Study resources are quite important for successful preparation. Therefore, the individuals should choose the relevant preparation tools. The students can find some of them on the exam webpage. These include the instructor-led training course and online learning modules. On the other hand, they can think about utilizing some additional tools from various third-party platforms. All in all, just choose the most suitable options.

  • Time Management

If you want to prepare for the exam more effectively, you need to optimize your study time. It is pretty important to utilize your time carefully. The learners should create a balance between study, leisure time, and work. For this purpose, they may create a schedule. Take into account your preferences, chosen materials, available time, and daily routine to create the appropriate schedule.

  • Online Communities

There are different online communities where people from various parts of the planet discuss the features of certification tests as well as share tips and ideas to prepare for them. You may join one of these communities to ask questions you have about your exam. Furthermore, you may answer the questions of other individuals. Such communication can be pretty helpful for getting new knowledge.

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Exam preparation has often proved to be a challenge for the individuals. Therefore, it is important to be diligent during the preparation process. Be sure to use the relevant study materials, create the appropriate schedule, and prepare for the MICROSOFT AZ-104 test with great deliberation.


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