Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Clamshells – After Folding User Experience Issues

    The Galaxy Z Flip’s cover screen is less valuable than Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4‘s. This is a full-size screen that functions like a discreet smartphone. The clamshell’s cover screens are also small. The visor measures 1.9 inches and allows you to check notifications, activate Wi-Fi and sound, flash, and add widgets (such as your favorite contacts or a clock).

    You can also use the Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4’s Cover Screen to take selfies. Instead of using the front-mounted camera with a smaller lens that captures average-quality images, capture them with the rear cameras.

    Despite its brilliance and convenience for an average consumer, the cover screen on Samsung’s Z Flip clamshells has some flaws that can be off-putting to users combined with a high-end Samsung mobile price.

    It is a small screen measuring 1.9 inches. Users tap on it to pause a video or play a song. Rare cameras don’t make it easy to take selfies. The screen can be used occasionally to toggle Wi-Fi, flashlights, etc, but that’s all there is.

    These features can be helpful, but the cover screen’s accidental touches ruin the user experience. This is especially true when it comes to the high price. It doesn’t matter if the cover is a case or not. It can interrupt playback, toggle switches unintentionally, change the wallpaper, and many other things if the phone is in a pocket. The display is always on and does not detect whether the phone is used.

    The touch protection feature on the front displays works differently on Samsung’s flagships (mainly using sensors) than on the cover screen. However, there are other ways to improve it. The double-tap function also helps but doesn’t function as well on the primary screens. One obvious solution is to provide users with the option to toggle off the outer screen entirely. Since the solution is software-based, a simple OTA update can suffice.


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