Understanding the Differences in Gaming Performance across iOS and Android Devices

    Mobile gaming is one of the most popular pastimes for much of the world’s population. With the evolution and accessibility of smartphones and the technology available, it has never been easier to play our favorite titles whenever we want.

    The biggest challenge – or problem – faced by gamers now, though, is the amount of choice that they have; not in terms of games, but in terms of device to use. Apple (iOS) and Android-compatible smartphones and tablets have flooded the marketplace in recent years. While they have given players an opportunity to decide what to play on, it has perhaps given them too much of a choice.

    There are numerous facets that need to be considered by gamers now, especially when the ultimate gaming performance is desired.

    Device Specifications and Gaming Performance

    For technical buffs, it perhaps goes without saying that the specifications of the device play a vital role in how well a game can perform. Naturally, this is a seriously important consideration that needs to be taken into account. Devices that have more powerful hardware will tend to offer a better gaming experience as it will be able to handle the demands of the title, as it will provide quicker load times, thus reducing the amount of lag.

    In regard to iOS or Android devices, it is important to look at which processor is being used. Each device model can be different, thus not always making one operating system better than the other. In recent times, though, Apple has started to step up its own game, but there have been many game-specific Android devices to have been launched in the past.

    The Operating System and its Role

    However, with that said, it could be argued that each operating system does have its advantages when it comes to providing a mobile gaming experience. As detailed, Apple appears to be stepping up a little further in regard to its offerings, thus making iOS one of the best around. Users have noted that they tend to encounter fewer bugs and glitches compared to Android users. Nonetheless, there are many that will argue that the latter has better hardware, meaning a better gaming experience is enjoyed.

    Of course, many will take a look at the respective app stores to see what gaming on each device is like. There are rating systems that can be used to inform players of how games play, while there can be one device that is better for certain games compared to the other. One might be better for games that are more demanding such as traditional console games, while one may be better to handle iGaming titles from the big names who have apps that have over a 1.000 online games to choose from and play once downloaded.

    Battery Life

    We all want our devices to last for as long as possible before the battery is drained. Despite the various improvements to have been made over the years, this is still an area many continue to be disappointed by.

    Gamers, in particular, need their batteries to last the longest amount of time before running out of juice. Naturally, the more demanding the game is on the hardware being used, the more energy it takes from the battery, thus draining it in ultra-quick time. Both Apple iOS and Android-compatible devices have been equipped with longer-lasting batteries. Still, with each model providing a different outcome in terms of lifespan on a single charge, it is worth undertaking some research when looking for the right gadget.

    Accessories Available

    One way that gaming performance can be improved and enhanced greatly on a mobile device is through the use of accessories that are available. Items such as portable chargers, headsets, holders, and even controllers can have a positive impact on the gaming experience that is enjoyed.

    Not all operating systems are able to work efficiently with certain accessories when paired up with them. This can have a negative impact on the game being played. It is important only those that state they are compatible are used.

    Which is better? iOS or Android?

    For as long as there have been two different major operating systems available, the question and debate about which is better for the best mobile gaming experience continues to rage on. There are a number of different considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing a device, and it is important to keep these in mind at all times.


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