5 App Development Business Trends for 2021 & Beyond

    Smartphones and tablets are no longer just devices for wireless communication.

    Statista says that the number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide today surpasses six billion and is forecast to grow by several hundred million in the next few years. China, India, and the United States are the countries with the highest number of smartphone users. We watch the news, listen to music, follow the games of sports teams – using smartphones. Today the phone is our assistant and an extension of our hand.

    It’s no surprise that smartphone app development is a lucrative business today. Many organizations today are producing IT staff augmentation to create more and more applications demanded by users.

    Below we take a look at the top trends in the mobile app industry in 2021.

    1. Cross-platform applications

    Cross-platform application development is becoming more and more popular every day. It is done to reduce costs and improve development efficiency.

    Already, there are tools like Google Futter that help you create natively compiled applications for mobile devices. Such a tool allows mobile app developers to create customized apps without wasting time, capital, or effort.

    2. 5G technology

    This technology has already gained its distribution and recognition. The 5th generation mobile network provides:

    • High-speed mobile Internet connectivity.
    • Better stability.
    • The handling of massive amounts of data.

    A Forbes article on the benefits of 5G says that while 4G typically has a download speed of 20 Mbps, 5G is expected to hit 500 to 1500 Mbps – almost instantly. Consumers can be impressed with the ability to download a game or movie from Netflix in seconds.

    3. Mobile commerce

    Today, anyone who can sell goods and services through mobile commerce applications benefits from all sides. The pandemic and restrictions on shopping by people have made adjustments for many business owners. However, people have not stopped buying and will not prevent it shortly. They need to get new ways to shop. And this is what mobile commerce does. One-click ordering, voice shopping, and multichannel retailing are some of the many features that mobile app developers are integrating into existing e-commerce portals to provide customers with a physical, fast, and hassle-free experience.

    4. Wearable devices

    Wearable technologies are devices that you can wear on yourself. Smartwatches, body sensors, smart lenses, and glasses are convenient ways to carry out operations as a familiar mobile device. These devices are connected to your mobile phone and can be controlled from it. Today, one of the most popular trends in mobile app development is focused on creating apps for wearable devices.

    Wearable devices are highly lucrative in the healthcare industry for tracking and analyzing body movements, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and more, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Smart contact lenses with integrated visual display, smart glasses with mind-reading technology (prototype from Facebook), and even virtual keyboards – the possibilities are endless.

    5. Augmented and virtual reality

    Augmented reality has already found its fans among gamers. Not surprisingly, it extends beyond the boundaries of gaming capabilities.

    The most crucial advantage of AI in AR is maximum personalization. Artificial intelligence mobile applications can collect and analyze personal information about users. It allows companies to provide an individual approach to each client with specific recommendations.

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    Mobile app development today focuses on creating a unique personalized experience for each user. With the advent of 5G networks, machine learning, AI, and AR, the future of mobile apps depends on speed, simplicity, and personalization. Integrating these new and upcoming trends into smartphones is a giant leap in the industry that promises promising prospects.


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