What are the best shooters to play with a group of 4 players – My Choice

    When a large company of players gathers, the question often arises: what can be interesting to play online, so that it is interesting, dynamic and fun.

    Many projects have an esports component, so if you combine business with pleasure, you can play interestingly and gain levels and ranks, and even have a chance to assemble your own full-fledged esports team, if all the players in the squad want it.

    If you play just for your own pleasure, then you can consider some of the brightest projects and even order training from the Skycoach service for them for the whole team in order to increase the level of skill.

    PUBG (No Doubt Unbeatable)


    One of the most important and striking projects of recent years, which brought a new genre to the gaming industry – survival in an open area with the need to look for weapons and confront other groups until a winner is determined.

    The zone will constantly shrink, so you need to not only find up-to-date equipment for yourself, but also maintain the correct location so as not to simply die from location changes and attrition.

    If PUBG alone is a survival simulator where a bullet can fly from anywhere, then in the case of a four-player game, it is a full-fledged military action movie in which you can and should implement different tactics, take positions, surround territories and constantly control dangerous zones in order to survive as best as possible longer and as a result win the match.

    The way I play when in group.

    • Stick together and move as a unit. Don’t stray too far from your teammates or you’ll be isolated if ambushed.
    • Assign roles like scout, support, sniper etc. based on strengths. Coordinate responsibilities.
    • Mark locations and callouts clearly on the map for squad awareness.
    • Share ammo, meds, gear and weapons with those who need them. Keep the squad well-equipped.
    • Use vehicles for fast map rotations or tactical repositioning. Assign a designated driver.
    • When engaging enemies, try flanking or pincer maneuvers with coordinated timing.
    • Watch all angles to avoid surprises. Have teammates cover blindspots.
    • Use smokes or stun grenades to provide cover when needing to revive teammates.
    • Have at least one teammate provide suppressive fire during pushes to divert attention.
    • Strike a balance between sticking together and spreading out to avoid enemy AOE damage.
    • Keep communication clear, calm and efficient especially in chaotic situations.
    • As the playzone shrinks, stick to the edge and use cover for better positioning.

    By playing regularly ranked matches, you will be able to move up the divisions and get on the strongest opponents and teams, and even compete with professional players.

    Apex Legends

    Apex Legends

    Apex Legends is a full-fledged shooter in the royal battle genre, which, although it is an ideological continuation of PUBG, EA Games tried to bring their own changes to it, which will leave the main concept, but will have nothing in common with other games from the genre, except for the main idea – survival in a vast territory with the support of allies.

    Apex has a system of agents that have unique skills that are only reinforced by the weapons found in the process of mastering the map, but the main success on the bole will be the combination of heroes, the weapons found and the tactics of your squad for defense and attack on the enemy.

    You can choose one of the many agents for your group, but I will offer the optimal set of four agents that stack well with each other and have all the necessary resources for team battles, even with limited weapons.

    • Lifeline
    • Octane
    • Bastion
    • Wraith


    A character who is a full-fledged shooter and at the same time a master of medicine, intelligence and resource generation.

    The hero actively uses drones to generate first-aid kits, so you do not need to actively search for them all over the map and there is always the opportunity to restore resources.

    This is the only hero that can lift an ally who has been knocked down, but has not yet died, not on his own, but with the help of a drone, while the agent himself will continue the fight.


    A robotic agent that has a regenerative type of armor and when you receive damage and lose health, you will replenish it while you are at rest. You will be able to block incoming damage to allies, knowing that you will be able to replenish your health when the battle is over, the main thing is not to get carried away and remember that you can also die.

    The second point is the sale of ammunition. Just like Lifeline generates first aid kits, Octane produces ammo for various weapons, which means that a bunch of two heroes can provide you with good defensive and offensive potential with the ability to get out of it and prepare for the next completely fully restored.


    The first full-fledged attack aircraft that should be in every battle group. Bastion combines three roles at once – it is a defender, an assault fighter and an artilleryman who knocks enemies out of cover.

    Let’s start with the defender – the hero has the option to place a blocking shield in front of him, which will provide cover for himself and allies in a straight line and most of the damage will be blocked. Keep in mind that you can still be thrown with grenades, outflanked, or forced to drop your shield in melee combat.

    Stormtrooper Bastion in the same form as the rest of the players, and the character does not lose its normal shooting potential even when using a shield and artillery.

    As for artillery, this is the ability to use your ability to shoot a canopy at the shelters and shelters of enemies, forcing them to dig deeper and avoid open spaces.

    This is the perfect character to advance to a point where the map is narrowing and defending such places from advancing groups of enemies, forcing them to stop and waste precious time knocking out your group, which can be deadly.


    This is one of the most secretive characters, which is ideal for pre-fight scouting and the whole situation in general. The Wraith can change his appearance and leave the shell of reality, becoming a non-corporeal form and gaining the ability to conduct reconnaissance of the area and return to his group.

    Escape from Tarkov

    Escape from Tarkov

    One of the best team games for all military simulator lovers. Unlike the rest of the above projects, Tarkov is about a full-fledged imitation of military operations and takes into account the realism and ballistics of a bullet’s flight.

    You and your battle group need to choose a side, take fighters with minimal equipment, and go out into battle exits. You need to explore the territory of Tarkov, use paper maps, find weapons, cartridges, accessories and components, medicines and grenades in order to resist enemy groups and take the obtained trophies to a peaceful zone to strengthen your heroes, sell everything you don’t need and buy new equipment you need and allies.

    The main concept of Escape from Tarkov is a realistic imitation of the actions of special forces groups that go on raids against bandits and similar groups, find equipment in a completely hostile zone and impose their rights to the enemies on the most valuable resources.

    If your group is very lucky, you will find an entrance card to the laboratories and get the opportunity to collect a lot of resources and equipment that will strengthen your group and enrich all its members.

    It must be remembered that Tarkov has a realistic system of battles, and death means the death of a character and the loss of all accumulated property.


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