How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

    You want to switch to an iPhone from Android, and you have a lot of compelling reasons for that, from security to useability and great ecosystem to resale value. But one thing stopping you from doing it is tens of GBs of your essential data stored in your old device. You neither want to lose this important data nor are you prepared or have time to go through the long and laborious process of transferring all data from Android to iPhone manually.

    We have a great phone to phone transfer tool for you, which will complete this process in a few clicks and less than 10 minutes. You can transfer messages from Android to iPhone along with all of your other data, including photos, videos, audio, documents, contacts, etc.

    Part 1: What Makes MobileTrans a Reliable and Robust Phone Transfer Tool?

    MobileTrans is a tool made to shorten and simplify the process of transferring phone data from Android to iPhone as much as possible. The results of using MobileTrans are incredible as it simplifies the hectic and complex process into a few clicks. It can transfer tens of GBs of data in a few minutes while also doing it securely so that none of the existing data on the device is overwritten or displaced.

    It supports over 18 types of data like documents, calendars, voice memos and notes, music playlists, etc., for 6000+ devices. This tool can also transfer data from iCloud to Android or Apps from one device to another. All things considered, MobileTrans – Phone Transfer makes your whole life much easier if you want to move to an iPhone from Android.

    Part 2: Simple Process of Transferring Data from Android to iPhone in No Time

    Now it is time to transfer your important data stored on your Android device to your iPhone so you can enjoy your iPhone experience without any worries. These are the 3 simple steps you need to perform when you are ready for phone data transfer from Android to iPhone using MobileTrans:

    Step 1: Select the Phone Transfer Module

    Launch TransMobile and select the “Phone Transfer” module. From it, Select the “Phone to Phone” option to transfer data from Android to iPhone. Now connect both your Android device and your iPhone to your system.

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    Step 2: Connecting Both of Your Devices to Your System

    When you have connected both devices, wait for the program to load these devices on the “Source” and “Destination” positions. If the assigned positions are wrong, press “Flip” to change it. Before pressing “Start,” if you want to delete existing data on your iPhone, select the “clear data before copy” option from underneath it. Otherwise, start the phone-to-phone transfer process.

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    Step 3: Completion of Phone Data Transfer from Your Android Device to Your iPhone 

    Before starting, you can select the data you want to transfer. Once the process is started, sit back and wait. This tool will take a few minutes to complete the phone-to-phone transfer process. Do not touch or move the device during the procedure to avoid data corruption and loss. Once done, you can see and use the transferred data on your iPhone without any worries.

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    Bonus Tip: Mobile Version of MobileTrans for Transferring Phone Data without Using your Desktop

    If you do not have access to a computer or don’t want to go through the hassle of using a third medium, there is nothing to worry about. MobileTrans also have apps for Android and iOS, which you can install on your old and new device to transfer phone data. It means there is no need for a computer, a data cable, Wi-Fi, or mobile data plan to transfer your data. 

    Simply install the app on both devices, choose which device is “New” and which is “Old,” scan the QR code, and start the data transfer process. You can also transfer the data from your iCloud to any Android device or another iOS device. It offers the fastest and simplest procedure to transfer your phone data from Android to iPhone. MobileTrans mobile app supports all major phone brands, iOS devices with iOS 6 and higher, and Android devices with Android 4 and higher.


    Transferring all of the phone data without losing any is a challenging task and a very complex process. But MobileTrans – Phone Transfer has shortened the process to a few minutes and made it simple enough that almost everyone can use it without any trouble. So, if you want to switch devices, you can do it without any worries, as MobileTrans will do all the hard work needed. Depending on your situation, you can install and use the desktop or mobile version. Both are excellent at making your worries disappear.


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